In this five-week course, you will learn and build skills to find your way to wellness. Learning objectives include:
  • Learn the basics of nutrition, digestion, and absorption and understand how what we eat fuels our everyday activities. 
  • Discover how to navigate healthy eating through an exploration of healthy eating styles and an investigation of nutrition in the media. 
  • Gain goal-setting and check-in skills to help you find mindful awareness at any stage of life. 
  • Understand the role that physical activity plays in the wellness equation, and discover ways to move your body.  
  • Learn the the ins and outs of planning a schedule that allows time for health and wellness. 

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Format and Schedule

This hybrid course includes an introductory lesson and five self-paced curriculum lessons through the Teachable platform along with five live group sessions via Zoom. We recommend scheduling 30 minutes each week for the self-paced lessons and assignments. 

Live, virtual group sessions will take place on five ________ from _________ET. These sessions will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Example Curriculum

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