Gain one of the key skills to build your resilience. Decide if you'd like to do the Nourishing Resilience Essentials training.

Would you like to expand your ability to cope with stressors and remain peaceful, balanced and healthy?

This course has two facilitators: Kris Bonham RDN and Cynthia Moore RDN, CDE.

During this intro/orientation, we share the scientific basis of this method. You get experiential practice with the skill of doing a Nourishing Resilience Check-In. You are introduced to the system of easy-to-use tools that help build positive neuroplasticity and guide towards peace and balance.

After the info/orientation session you're eligible to register for the full seven (7) week virtual small group training.

Nourishing Resilience Invitation

Kris Bonham RDN and Cynthia Moore RDN let you know what to expect during the Nourishing Resilience Info/Orientation session.

(Alert: disregard the dates; this welcome applies to info sessions in other months!)

Info/Orientation Session Information:

Greetings! We offer this taste of Nourishing Resilience via this brief course. Your $30 fee also covers you for the next live info/orientation session.

Date: We anticipate June, 2024

Date: No set date or time yet

Where: Virtual meeting via Zoom - You will receive a link upon sign up!

Have questions or want to schedule a Nourishing Resilience Info session for your group? Reach out to:

Cynthia Moore: [email protected] or Kris Bonham [email protected]

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