Retrain Your Thoughts: Eat, Move & Feel Better!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to change some of your annoying thought patterns? You know, the ones that feed right into the stress, worry, and doubt and are often the basis for unwanted food choices?

Nourishing Resilience gives you the skills to manage stress and implement your healthy intentions:

  •   Make better health choices in a balanced brain state.
  • Harmonize the feeling and thinking brain!
  • Learn the skills of emotion regulation to move towards balance, vitality and joy more of the time.
  • Put stress science, positivity, neuroplasticity & attachment skills to use boosting resilience and building better habits

Learn in a small group community that meets weekly in person/virtually for 1.5 hours

What people are saying:

“Authentic, Approachable, Actionable– something I can do.” 

-G.B. participant

“I highly recommend the Nourishing Resilience Essentials program because it gives you the tools to enable you to check the overwhelm and allows you to see what’s driving the reaction to the stressor. Classes focus on practicing specific exercises designed to not only help identify the emotions but remodel your response to the aggravation, resulting in a more calm and balanced approach to life’s aggrivations.”,

-J.W., Nurse Practitioner

And about the Nourishing Resilience Essentials Workbook used in the course

“Here is a reliable roadmap and all the practical tools you will need to reach your full human potential. When you’re ready, this guide can help you navigate the most important journey of your life.”

-K.J., participant

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