Creating the Life you Love Now!

Ida Perea, faculty for the Financial Wellbeing series offers 3 one-session classes:

-Budgeting Basics

-Managing Your Credit

-Planning for Retirement

You can take each independently@ $40 each or the bundle of three for $95

Ida Perea, LCSW

Course founder, Idea Perea saw the need to guide her clients toward greater financial freedom. She's helped hundreds close the door on unnecessary losses and begin to build financial freedom.

At Hygeia we recognize that financial balance is a part of wellness. Easier to thrive if the security of meeting bills and future plans can be accomplished financially.

You can sign up for Ida's other courses: Managing Your Credit and Retirement Planning 

Peace of Mind: Managing Your Credit

Learn to minimize your credit losses. Use your improving credit to solidify your financial foundation.

Financial Retirement Planning

Saving $20, $60 or $200/month allows you to meet your goals. Whether it's to build an emergency fund or a retirement fund, why not get the rich person's benefit of compound interest?

Budgeting Basics

Know where to start with an uncomplicated budget. Ida shows you how. Forms and processes for everyday expenses so you come out ahead.

This course is closed for enrollment.